Madison Stock Transfer, Inc.

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What is the abbreviation for First Harbor Capital Corp?

We use FHC Corp.

When was FHC Corp founded?

FHC Corp was founded in 2017 and established in 2018.

Where is FHC Corp located?

Our corporate headquarters is located in Marblehead, MA 01945.

What is the best mailing address for corporate documentation?

P.O. Box 174, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945.

Is FHC Corp a public company?

Yes, FHC Corp is a public company traded on the OTC Pink Market under the trading symbol ACBD.

Why is the public company name AnnaBidiol, Inc., d/b/a FHC Corp?

FHC Corp is current under way to a name and symbol change to reflect its name.

What will the new symbol be?

By popular demand current management and shareholders have requested we stay with ACBD.

What is FHC Corp Cusip number?

The Cusip for FHC Corp common stock is 03571L 106.

How can I buy FHC Corp stock?

Please contact a licensed stockbroker or use an online trading service.

What is the fiscal year for FHC Corp?

Our fiscal year ends on December 31.

How many shares are outstanding in FHC Corp?

There are 39,950,306 shares of common stock as of 05/01/2019.

How many shares of FHC Corp are in the free trade DTC float?

There are 233,298 shares in the DTC float as of 03/13/2018.

How do I contact FHC Corp Investor Relations department?

The fastest way is to e-mail us at